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Blueberry Scrub Mask

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With Pure Blueberry Extract and 5% Lactic Acid

Skin Decongestant

Product Description

The Blueberry Scrub/Mask is an exfoliating mask or scrub for all skin types. Targeted for oily/acne prone skin, this scrub mask is also very effective as an anti-aging and revitalizing treatment. Key ingredients are L-lactic, Blue Cornmeal, and Blueberries. Lactic Acid is anti-microbial and helps with cell turnover as well as protein softening. Blueberries are one of nature's most powerful anti-oxidants combined with Blue Cornmeal will aid in exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and polishing.

Very thick and rich in color, it smells and looks good enough to eat. It is extremely powerful and should only be used up to 2 minutes. Scrub very lightly for 15 seconds, then leave on for the remainder of the 2 minutes. When used as suggested, the skin will feel as if it just had a deep pore cleansing facial.

Please note: This is an intensive scrub. It is not recommended for use after a peel or facial.

As seen in Allure Magazine, Elle Magazine. and Lucky Magazine.

Protective Nourishment Recommendation: Normal to Oily Skin


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