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Super C Serum + Active D Serum Duo


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Product Description

Super C Serum and Active D Serum Concentrate Duo strengthens the anti aging power of the Super C Serum. The Active D Serum propels and continuously keeps skin hydrated and tight throughout the day.

Super C Serum

We've concocted the most powerful combination of anti-oxidants that is collagen stimulating, strengthening, brightening and healing. The Super C Serum Concentrates weapon of choice is Matrixyl 3000, which is a firming and de-wrinkling peptide complex. Cocktailed with other anti-aging ingredients at it's most potent form the serum concentrate absorbs gently and instantly into the skin to create a smooth and youthful appearance. The Super C Serum takes skin rejuvenation to the next level! Bonus: smells like apples!

Active D Serum Concentrate

Formulated to be used as a serum booster when used in conjunction with either the Active A or Active C Serum Concentrate, for a visibly smoother and tighter appearance.

The skin becomes healthier due to the accrued feeding of counter-oxidant and cell protective agents.

The Active D Serum Concentrate can only be ‘activated’ when applied on top of either Active A or C Serum Concentrate.

Protective Nourishment Recommendation: All Skin Types

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