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The Hollywood Connection

Ilona Herman, Hollywood makeup artist, met Yong in 1995 and immediately fell in the Protective Nourishment line. Ilona has since used these products countless times for major motion pictures. Most recently, Protective Nourishment skincare has graced the face of Uma Thurman for the Louis Vuitton ad campaign.

Ilona felt so strongly towards these products, she teamed up with Yong to help promote the line. Ilona sums up her feelings for these extraordinary products with the following words:

Using prosthetics or heavy makeup (as in filming) is extremely wearing on the epidermis and it has necessitated me finding a product to feed and nourish the skin. A skincare product that can be used under anything. Working on so many movies, I’ve had the opportunity to try and test most cosmetic treatments that exist on the market, and these products without a doubt provide the simplest way to protective nourishment to the skin. These are products I have tried and tested on all skin types and in many different environmental conditions. They are easy to use and the results obtained are noticeable immediately.

These products literally feed your skin.

This Hollywood “secret” once only sold to professionals and used by the most revered makeup artists are now available to you.